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Foundation of Perpetual Help

Giving hope to children in extreme hardship through mentoring, education and sport.

In the last few months events have occurred in Haiti which I never imagined to witness in my lifetime.

Aside from the loss of our president, Jovenel Moise, and an earthquake with many aftershocks, our country has been gripped by a daily increasing gang presence.

This gang presence is disruptive in living life on a daily basis. This presents challenges to the work of FONDAPS and my core beliefs.

The children of FONDAPS must make choices every day about which path they will choose.

Take a moment to reflect on the faces of our children in this recent photo taken in September 2021.

When you think of Haiti remember these faces. These are the faces which will be our moral compass for the future, the ones that hold on to hope in the face of unthinkable despair, and refuse to give in to the taunts in the street of an easier life.

Please remember us with donations in the coming months. Our kids sincerely need and appreciate your help.

—Patrice Millet
Founder of FONDAPS

Our Mission

FONDAPS is a non-profit organization based in Haiti whose mission is to educate a large number of children from various neighborhoods of the capital, through sports. In addition, the foundation aims to enable these young people to get to know each other, share their lives and learn through their training.

The Foundation insists on sporting principles such as fair play, teamwork, respect of their coaches and of their opponents. We are sure that these principles transcend into values in the young people’s everyday lives. We believe that imparting values such as good citizenship, respect for others and a genuine love for each other will encourage them to become responsible citizens in the future.

Success Stories

For children living in highly populated urban slums, life is fraught with danger and hardship. Fondaps is committed to providing opportunities to disadvantaged children in Haiti, and we have seen tremendous success with the support of our donors and partners. We are proud of our children and we want to share their stories with you.

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A Word From Our Founder

I can’t find the words to thank the heavens for this gift that has been given to me; to be able to work with underprivileged kids that are living in my country. Every time, I see a smile on their face knowing well in what conditions they are living it fills my heart with joy and strengthens my faith in the importance of giving children the means to enjoy a childhood filled with love.

I thank all our donors, supporters and future backers of our work in our non-profit. May god bless us all and our families.

Patrice Millet
Founder of FONDAPS

Kids We’ve Helped

Thank you for your interest in helping kids in Haiti. We would be powerless without the support of our volunteers and donors.