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How To Help

Even before the earthquake struck, Haiti was already the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Throughout the country 80% of people are living under the poverty line and 54% of these are facing abject poverty.

For children living in highly populated urban slums, life is fraught with danger and hardship. The Port au Prince area was once described by Mother Teresa as the worst few miles of slums anywhere in the world and is rife with criminal gangs, malnourishment, illiteracy and disease.

Children here are not only vulnerable to gang culture, but have very little to eat and no opportunity to learn to read or write. For those who still have families, many of their elders have been drawn into gangs and are unable to give them positive examples of how to live.

Over the last two years FONDAPS has lost significant funding within Haiti. We carry on despite these setbacks and believe in the good work that is ahead. We welcome and are grateful for any support and interest that we receive. We work daily with thoughtful, inquisitive children who aside from needing athletic activities, food, and school to thrive need hope to be a part of their daily diet as well. Engagement from donors and volunteers delivers that hope. Small gestures help to make a long term impact.

There are plenty of ways that you can help kids in Haiti. Here are a few areas in which FONDAPS needs your help:

  • Do you have some soccer gear in your closet that you no longer use?  We can have it picked up within the US for free.  
  • Maybe you know someone who might be interested in becoming involved in FONDAPS?
  • We would like to create relationships with schools and soccer programs globally.  Do you know of a soccer school that might like to partner with us? 
  • We welcome soccer coaches and players to visit our program in Haiti and work with our children.
  • Visiting Haiti? Let us know. We would be happy to introduce you to our program.
  • Do you have unwanted children’s books in French?
  • We welcome any size monetary donation. Every dollar helps our program to thrive.